New Survey – Grow, Give, Serve – What does it mean to be a Calvary member?

June 22, 2017 - July 10, 2017

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June 22, 2017
July 10, 2017

As leaders, we know Calvary is God’s church, and in that sense, all God’s people belong here.

However, did you know Calvary…

  • has over 2000 people on our membership roles!
  • worships about 500 people per week!
  • is part of about 30 baptisms per year!
  • our preschool serves 84 families!
  • has over 100 youth in confirmation!

Calvary’s staff happily serves all people who walk in for pastoral care, cemetery & facility use needs, programs & meetings within our facility, weddings, and more!  How can we best track “active members”? What are Calvary members’ expectations of membership record keeping?  At what point does a member get moved to “inactive” status?  Help us discern answers to these questions…take this survey before July 10!